Laughter Guaranteed


These Books of Humour are a non–stop, laughter–filled, page-turner that throws Rewa Mirpuri’s outstanding collection of jokes and witticisms at you without letting you pause for breath. Covering all the warp and woof of life’s little inconsistencies, this book gives you the power to bring a smile to the face of your toughest customer, the quietest crowd, or your most downcast friend. And the Punch line? This is the serious bit. All proceeds of these books on humour go directly to people in desperate need, through Rotary Club of Singapore’s World Community Service Projects. One of the many humanitarian projects undertaken is the “Gift of sight” project in Cambodia. A great promotional idea for your company, a great benefit to those most in need: and that’s no joke. This is outrageous humour with a serious purpose. A peek into the books………

    A peek into our books of humour......
  • When a man holds a woman’s hand - before marriage it is love;
    after marriage it is self defence.
  • When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing:
    either the car is new or the wife.
  • Patient:  Doctor, I feel like killing myself.
    Doctor:   Leave it to me.
  • Know the difference between a good secretary and an excellent one?
    A good secretary says: “Good Morning, Sir.”
    An excellent secretary says: “It’s morning, Sir.”
  • The newly married couple returned from their honeymoon. As they got off the plane at the crowded airport, the bride said, “Darling, let’s make the people think we’ve been married a long time.”
    “OK, dear,” said the husband, “then you carry the bags.”

And many, many, many more, hilarious ones. And here’s the funniest part, the cost is ridiculously LOW, only 2 cents a joke